Welcome to the home page for the Willamette Apple Connection users group.  The group was founded in 1987 and served the Salem area for about 8 years.  During that time, the group collected a large amount of software and produced a number of newsletters for its members.  In 2003, these items were digitized and are legally owned by Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange who acquired the Willamette Apple Connection , the WAC, Inc. Journal library and the entire WAC, Inc. PDS collection and made it available for free download for all users.

You will find not only every page of every journal produced by the group but also well over 600 floppy disks of software.  Every Apple II enthusiast should own this collection as it is one of the largest and most complete collections in existence today.

The contents of this website are copyright 1987-2020 by Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange.  All Rights Reserved.   The collections within this web site may be downloaded, copied, for personal use only.  The WAC Journal and software collections may not be re-distributed, archived, or made a part of any other downloadable collection.  By downloading the items you are agreeing to these terms of usage.