This web site is updated periodically as information comes in and as time allows.  The following updates have been performed after our go live online  date of 29 October 2005.  

Website Updated

We have once again updated the website, making all features of the site available once again including the WAC, Inc. CD-ROM.   Now published on USB thumb drive, the WAC, Inc. CD-ROM Collection contains all issues of the WAC, Inc. journal as well as all of the PDS software which was available in the 1980's and 1990's from Wac. Inc.

Included on the thumb drive are also all the emulators you will need to run your software as well as a boot disk for starting your emulator.  The cost is still just $19.95 and is available today!

WAC CD 2.0

Thanks to the efforts of Bill Martens and Brian Wiser, the latest version of the WAC, Inc. CD-ROM is now available.  This version comes complete with searchable news letters, updated pages and more information about the programs.  If you have ordered the CD in the past month, you will receive the updated CD from us.  

Version 2.0 of the CD will not be downloadable but is instead available for purchase from this website.  The version 1.0 CD will be made available for download at some point in the coming months. (Version 1.0 does not include searchable news letters or program descriptions.

Coming Soon -- WAC, Inc. CD Download

We are now in the process of readying the ISO of the entire WAC, Inc. CD for download.  This download will be available directly from the site with physical CD's being available from Amazon.com.  We are still in the early stages of this process but should have it available as soon as our publisher is ready for distribution of the CD.

Cleaned up design a bit, fixing minor link issues

We have been working to clean up our design a bit, adding some long needed text updates to the website and getting some of the link problems we had with files fixed.  All of the programs should be reachable at this point.  If you find any problems, let us know ASAP.

Replace dummy text left over

Fixed dummy text in the distributed library text position.  This  apparently got over looked in the initial setup on the remodeling of the site.

Website Updated

The WAC, Inc. web site has been updated and is now once again available.  We have added addition features and made the archive a bit easier to navigate.  The site also has been added to the Apple Archives website.

Website Online

The Willamette Apple Connection website is now online and operating.  All of the libraries are available for download at this time.

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